Why is it not customary to pass pedestrians?

To cross the carriageway along the Zebra, Russian pedestrians often have to wait a long time. What makes drivers – for the most part completely normal, well -educated people – behave so unceremonious? And is there a way to overcome the current situation? We addressed these questions to experts.

Review your rules of behavior in general

Behind the omnipotence of cars and the lawlessness of pedestrians in our country, firstly, the deep disrespect of a person to a person, and secondly, disrespectly rich in the poor. When driving, many of us begin to look at a pedestrian from top to bottom: the machine symbolizes social status – by definition a higher than a person who does not have his own vehicle. Fiction, like rudeness, is global properties, and therefore the only chance to change the situation for the better is to reconsider their own rules of behavior, including not related to auto -expression.

Review your rules of behavior in general

Human behavior behind the wheel becomes more aggressive and masculine, it is brighter than fantasies generated by a collective unconscious. Not to give way to the pedestrian means to suppress him as an opponent or win over him (her) sexual victory. This is due to the fact that chronic stress and stress experienced by residents of megacities weaken the protective mechanisms of the psyche and return us to primitive impulses. In small cities where everyone knows each other, the mechanisms of conscious regulation are more effective.

Respect the rights and freedoms of an individual

At the heart of the Russian civilizational model, the principle of collection has always been: while Western thought promoted the ideas of individualism, the Russian, and then Soviet cultural traditions always focused on social values. This circumstance led to the fact that respect for the rights and freedoms of an individual for most of our fellow citizens remains a rather unusual. In recent years, under pressure from various factors, the situation has changed, but this cannot happen instantly. And https://www.dojencek.si/karakteristika-oseb-z-bipolarno-motnjo/ the behavior of drivers ignoring the rights of pedestrians is a visible manifestation of a dying, but still strong tradition.

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